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Starch Mixing System Technology Has Come Full Circle.
Years of Ringwood experience and customer input from around the world led to the development of the RS-360, the new world standard for starch mixing systems. Since 1963 when we developed our first machine, Ringwood technology has been the model for starch systems in boxplants around the world.

Solid Ringwood construction means superior quality and reliability in this system that is second to none. But the heart of the RS-360 is our proprietary control software developed by Ringwood software engineers. We’ve refined the software using input from our customers in North and South America, Europe and the Pacific Rim to make this a truly global standard. Our simple interface can be easily customized to accommodate country specific needs.

Sophisticated software control, carefully re-engineered features and the finest components available make the RS-360 an Automatic Starch System that:

• Starts up quickly and easily
• Offers unprecedented accuracy and repeatability
• Begins as an inexpensive base package
• Builds to meet your changing needs
• Is simple and efficient to operate

The RS-360 System In Detail

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